Petelo (Director for Information Technology & Communications) was nominated to attend a local training by three officials from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (Ryan Pardee, Patrick Geahan and Dr Christopher Hecker) about cyber investigation. His key takeaways from this event was learning ways to enhance security for protection of data & assets from cyber-crime, and how to develop a security-focused culture in our office. He was exposed to a list of tools for use in forensics, both with data at rest and for mobile devices, in addition to some of the best practices for collecting forensic copies.

From his training, he gave a tip on how to stay safe from online cyber-attacks via emails. According to the instructors, he strongly recommends us to use extreme caution when receiving unsolicited communications from individuals outside of the country. Some of their ideas for security purposes have already been exploited in our Office such as, 'Do not open, respond to, download attachments or click on links' from unknown emails and so forth.

SAO wish to thank the Government of Samoa and US Embassy for hosting and facilitating such a great course for the betterment of work in this particular area.

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