Ah Siu Lin and Sosoli Elitasi attended the training in Canberra Australia  on Government Investigation from 28th of May to 7th June 2019.

There were seventeen (17) participants altogether from Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Australia. The training emphasised on how to understand powers, legislations and resources as investigators. They also had the opportunity to learn more about being an investigator in terms of gathering evidence, how to design questions and carry out an interview as well as how to negate evidences received during an interview. The participants were able to experience the Comptrac Management System where all evidence gathered are stored and used for mapping to prove elements of a case. This system is also used to run reports and matrixes for any case investigated. 

Hence, they have broadened their understanding on the role of an effective, resourceful and certified investigator. These coincide with the key goals of the Strategic Plan to expand the strategic development of the office and effectively develop and manage human resources.

SAO sincerely thank the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman for funding and successfully hosting the course to share their knowledge and experience as well ideas for enhancing of investigative skills. 


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