Last month, we hosted Mr. Logan Moore from the Office of the Auditor-General of New Zealand (OAGNZ) and Ms. Susana Laulu, Programme Director for the PASAI. 

Their visit aimed to assess our Office's needs in conducting audits of Financial Statements of Government (FSG) and to assist in refining our planning approach to these audits. Discussions were also initiated with key government officials to enhance the quality of information available for auditing.

This was a welcome opportunity to continue cooperative and productive discussions, sharing of information, and to receive valuable FSG training, for enhancing our Office's capability and capacity development in FSG audits.

Our twinning partnership with the OAGNZ facilitates a supportive relationship aimed at improving systems, processes, and skills to enhance our audit capabilities. The Auditor-General of New Zealand, Mr. John Ryan, holds the role of Secretary-General of PASAI. PASAI also has an overarching strategic priority of ensuring its member audit offices conduct high-quality audits of government accounts promptly. 

We extend our appreciation to Mr. Logan Moore, Ms. Susana Laulu, the Office of the Auditor-General New Zealand, and PASAI for their support in advancing our capabilities in FSG audits. This collaborative effort reinforces our commitment to our mission to assure the financial integrity of our Government and provide independent and professional audit services to Samoa's public sector entities.

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