Our senior analyst, Ms. Katie Su'a, represented our office at the 157th International Training Programme (ITP) on Receipt and Compliance Audit from November 20th to December 15th, 2023, in New Delhi, India. 

The workshop delved into emerging areas and advancements in tax administration, financial statement analysis, and risk-based audit planning for both direct and indirect taxes. 

Receipt and compliance audits evaluate financial transactions and ensure adherence to regulations with government entities. They examine the accuracy of revenue collection and assesses compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and internal policies simultaneously. By scrutinizing financial records and operational processes, the audit aims to promote transparency, accountability, and effective financial management within the government while identifying areas for improvement and potential risks. 

The workshop was offered by the International Centre for Information Systems and Audits (ICISA) in India, and allowed for participants to engage in comprehensive discussions on evaluating internal controls, auditing tax refunds and appeals, and examining non-tax receipts across various sectors. Strategies to counter tax evasion and enhance audit processes through the integration of data analytics tools were also emphasized throughout the training sessions. 

The international training equipped auditing professionals from around the world, including our senior officer, Ms. Katie Su'a, with multifaceted approaches to conduct receipt and compliance audits effectively. The emphasis was on formulating informed recommendations to enhance corporate and ministerial operations, ultimately contributing to improved public service delivery by ensuring effective financial management and regulatory compliance. 

We are grateful to the instructors and facilitators of the training programme and ICISA for this valuable training opportunity. This programme underscores the significance of effective audit practices in maintaining transparency, accountability, and public trust in financial operations.

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