The 1st Meeting of the INTOSAI Task Force on Citizen Participation and Civil Society Engagement represented a significant stride towards enhancing transparency and accountability in public resource utilization. Our Controller and Auditor General Fuimaono Camillo Afele attended this meeting held in Lima, Peru, March 2024. 

Peru hosted this inaugural international gathering of the task force, organized by INTOSAI and the Office of the Comptroller General of Peru. Representatives from over 31 countries convened in Lima over three days to analyze global experiences in social auditing of public funds. 

A key milestone of this event was the signing of the "Declaration on the Promotion of the Citizen Participation and Civil Society Engagement in the Work of Supreme Audit Institutions 2024". CAG Fuimaono Camillo Afele of SAI Samoa represented the Pacific and PASAI in signing this declaration, which aims to promote strategic collaborations, citizen participation, use of ICT, sharing of experiences, and development of partnerships to enhance the effectiveness of SAIs and increase public support for their work.

The Lima declaration acknowledges the duty of Supreme Audit Institutions to report findings to Parliament and the general public, aligning with principles established in the INTOSAI-P 1 "The Lima Declaration" of 1977 and the 21st UN/INTOSAI Symposium on Government Audit in 2011. It is a significant step towards strengthening accountability and transparency in the use of public resources.

We are grateful to SAI Peru and the esteemed Comptroller General of the Republic of Peru for inviting SAI Samoa to participate in this historic meeting.

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