Published: 27 March 2019 27 March 2019
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Taimua includes the CAG, ACAG, and Directors.

    • Fuimaono Mata

      Fuimaono Mata'afa Papali’i C.G. Afele

      Controller & Auditor General
    • Jaslyn Mariner-Leota

      Jaslyn Mariner-Leota

      Assistant Controller & Auditor General
    • Roseanne Faaui

      Roseanne Faaui

      Director - Ministries, Projects and Public Accounts
    • Muaausa Marshall Maua

      Muaausa Marshall Maua

      Director of Public Bodies & Authorities
    • Ah Siu Lin

      Ah Siu Lin

      Director of Strategic Planning & Corporate Services
    • Norris Mitchell

      Norris Mitchell

      Director of Special Audit and Investigations
    • Morina Faasisila

      Morina Faasisila

      Director of Information Technology Audit
    • Paula Tumua

      Paula Tumua

      Director of Compliance Audit Unit
    • Oceanbaby Penitito

      Oceanbaby Penitito

      Director of Performance and Environmental Audit
    • Vaofusi Terence Sua

      Vaofusi Terence Sua

      Director of Communications & Stakeholder Relations
    • Letoa Petelo Leota

      Letoa Petelo Leota

      Director of Information and Communication Technologies